8 January 2009

Last one done!!!

I'm a first class plonker!! Yes, it's true!!!

I posted as usual this morning and then in a fit of enthusiasm and a totally out of character quest to tidy up my blog, I deleted this morning's post!!!

Anyway, here it is again!!! I apologise to the people who commented and hope they won't desert me! I can only state that this is NOT an illness (tidyness) that is infectious.

What I did say was that this is the last of the wheels. I like it in the two colours but I'm totally fed up with it now!!! OK, let's see if I can post this now and NOT delete it again!!


Ridgewoman said...

Reminds me of an old song. "There's a wheel in a wheel; a wheel in the middle of the air!" (Ezekiel Saw a Wheel). old Negro Spiritual we sang in the sixth grade. LOL
Does this mean you are done doing "Wheelies?"
Sorry, Can't stop myself....
Have the 'sillies' today.
That's what comes of conquering the SCMR! lOL
XXX Ridgetatter this is hilarious, the word was 'tatialibi' hehehe

TAT19540 said...

I like your colors for your wheel, it is evolving. And don't feel bad I lose whole things too because I am computer illiterate and always hit the wrong button.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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