3 March 2021

The poncho - again

Quick edit to let you know I'm 100 today!!!  Here's the link.

I have a bit of a problem with the poncho as I found out when I got to this stage and which I showed you last week. 

The problem is that I could've probably done with another row of 28 motifs in the neck to bring it up further onto the shoulders. I honestly felt that I couldn't face another session of probably a week or more on just doing the same old, same old. Also I felt the neckline (and the bottom too) need 'finishing off'.

Obviously (like the whole project) there isn't a pattern for this. Edgings don't come with a built in 'shaping' of a neckline!!! Pity really. So I'm having to 'wing it' as the saying goes. Courage in both hands (and shuttles) and trust in years of experience and a reasonably well behaved BC3!!!!

Here's the first neck row which I did over the weekend. More to come later - I hope!!!

As those beady eyed tatters will see if you look closely - I've taken the photo showing the back of the piece.  The whole thing is tatted front side/back side and this time I messed up with the photo.  Send me to the naughty step!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Good luck. The neckline of a ponch can be a tricky beast in any medium.

God's Kid said...

It looks wonderful!!! :)

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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