6 March 2014

Fandango ing again!!!

Well after the Tat It And See the OG (Old Git) is well and truly in the doldrums when it comes to designing. The bauble/bobbles are still proving a great source of distraction during the winter afternoons but the Fandango radiator runner is (as you'll see below) still on a roll in the evenings - particularly now the hanky is finished!!! 

I think BC3 (brain cell 3 - I've only ever had three in all my 70 years) got burned out doing the designs that I've submitted to the Palmetto Tatters in the hope they'll forget my past misdemeanours and choose me (amongst others) to teach in September. IF I get chosen then I promise on my honour never ever to mention ice cream the whole weekend!!!


God's Kid said...

That looks wonderful!!! :)

Miranda said...

And I see it's gotten too long to fit in one photo, too! I can't wait to see what colors you'll use next.

Anonymous said...

The runner looks wonderful. Go ahead, mention ice cream all you like. ;-)

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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