26 May 2011

Second of the crosses!

Now this one is an Iona cross.

To me it looks very similar to the celtic one but with arms which are 'fatter' at the ends!!!  Here is a picture of a 'real' one.

Again this pattern is worked in one 'hit' with instructions for beads and how to make it into a bookmark.  It starts in a different way and I did later wonder if the celtic cross could've been done this way too but I was too lazy to try!!!!!  

Here's the link to the pattern on my page.


  1. I cross my heart that I will try out some of your cross patterns!! :))

  2. Maureen2:00 pm

    There's a whole new challenge in that knotwork shown on the "real" cross, isn't there! - and maybe THIS one is the one on Sally's blog, I love them both.

  3. Yes Maureen it is!! This is my absolute favourite, just love tatting this particular cross.

  4. Amazing!, have to try it today!


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Happy Beaks
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