24 May 2012

Last doodle

Well here are the last two - or should that be one?  

It's an elephant but in two sizes.  Here's the link.  

Now if you want the flamingo, ostrich, lion, peacock, gecko, hummingbird or octopus (the rest of my zoo) then you'd better either get yourselves down to Palmetto Tat Days here or buy their CD shortly after that!!!!  OR you can wait until around next February/March when they'll arrive on my web site - IF I remember!!!

I tatted one of each to mount on fabric a few weeks ago and today I decided I'd sew them on.  Guess what?  The little stinkers have disappeared.  Totally and utterly disappeared.  If anybody sees them please would you send them back to me?  Thanks.

Not sure why I did a blue elephant - must've been one of 'those days'!!!


Valerie said...

cute! why not blue?!

Batty Tatter said...

Maybe he's cold. Must be in Alberta this week.

God's Kid said...

I love elephants-especially blue ones!! :)

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Happy Beaks
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