22 May 2012


Just one today - what a waste of paper and time!!!

Still tomorrow (which will be the penultimate doodle page) will be my favourites of all.  REALLY looking forward to sharing it.  Shall I give you a clue?  No, sorry, I can't think of one!!!!

I'm about to embark on another sewing stint but not roly poly bags or accessories - they are just sitting in the shop so there's no need for more and I'll have to buy in zips, labels etc if I do ever do more.  This time it's something else that's brewing in my head!!!


wickedtats said...

thanks for all the cute doodling ideas - now I know what to do with all those bits of leftover threads!

Maureen said...

He's fabulous - and I tell you what would be a good idea for your sewing stints: a calico bag, not too big, to which one could affix all this tatting!It wouldn't have to be calico of course, just heavy , plain coloured cotton - I'm always on the lookout for something like that.It needs to be A4 size, to hold a folder full of patterns - big enough for all the bits and pieces.
I have Norman and Aileen on a small bag, but a bigger one could fit your entire menagerie!

God's Kid said...

Cute! :)

Gunhild said...

Yeah, green and froggy!

Val said...

so many cute doodles up already?! oh i've been missing reading the blogs. need to catch up at the rate you are going. can't wait to see the penultimate.;P

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