23 April 2013

Not about tatting - not really!

I just wanted to apologise to those who thought I'd stopped easy commenting on the blog.  I took the Captcha thingy off some time ago to make it easier and then found that the comments dropped off AGAIN recently.  I've now realised what caused this.  

What happened is that I linked blog comments to google+ and that made it impossible for those who aren't using google+ to be able to comment - it's now back to what it was before.  Hope this will help you - Maureen and Fox!!!.  

You know what I'm like - I love to try all and everything out.  Do many people use google+?  I rarely if ever go to it.  Now I've taken off the link between the blog and google+ we should be back to 'normal' which is actually almost impossible in my corner of Tat Land!!!

Oh, I'm also roly poly bag making again too and slowly listing them (and poke proof pouches) in my Etsy shop.  Only another 7 sets to make and I'll retire again!!!

Another of the new motifs but without a button in the middle!!!  Today I will choose one of the suggestions for a name and (with a bit of luck) get the pattern up on my site.  Keep your fingers crossed.


Maureen said...

Much easier now :) The new fabrics in the Roly poly bags are gorgeous.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'll have to check that out. I'm not sure if I linked to Google+ or not. I rarely check Google+ or Facebook. I have plenty to do with checking the blogs I read, not to mention posting on my own blog every once in a while!

Michelle said...

I gave up one day because of the google plus so yay and thank you!

I love the motif with this center, it looks even more like a "compass". Lovely by the way...

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I love this motif! I like the solid color around the outside edge to set it off. And now we can choose button or no button! You're so accommodating!

You continue to spoil us with your complete devotion to tatting AND your technical expertise with the computer. There are so many choices out there for every aspect of hardware and software that it's overwhelming! We can use all the tips and tricks that you can come up with! Your header looks great, by the way. It looked fine before, but spectacular now! Had to have been a lot of work !

God's Kid said...

Love it!! :)

Marilee Rockley said...

Your motif is gorgeous and a very intriguing design.

Thanks for the heads-up on the Google+ issue with the commenting, that's a good thing to know.

Fox said...

Thank you! I too try all the new stuff or at least read about news on the Web, and I see there are huge privacy issues, in my opinion, with Google+.

Maybe we will all have to use this sort of thing eventually, but not now - not for me. So I appreciate your switch back. I would miss being able to write a comment here.

Love the motif.

I am having some trouble with the beginning of the 3rd line of the Twirly 6 sided pattern. Dyslexia rules again! I cannot figure out which shuttle or up or down. I will get it eventually as I like the shape a lot!
Fox : )

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