19 February 2014

A small amount of progress!

Time to move on with my hall shelf runner. I'm now thinking I MAY stick to dark and light shades of the same colour on each motif. BUT an old git is allowed to change her mind - particularly if she can't think or find two colours that 'go' together!!!

Starting out on one of these ventures is always easy. Easy because it's initially obvious which colours will sit next to each other. When I've done this sort of project before I've found that it becomes harder and harder to make decisions but that often what you think may not work sometimes just do!!! Anyway here are two motifs together.


Jane McLellan said...

Yes, light and dark work well together. I look forward to seeing more combinations.

Marty said...

Oh, lovely! I thought it was going to be all green. This is much better. I love bright!

God's Kid said...

They look great together!! :)

lej619 said...

looks good to me! Is there going to be a pattern ??

Jane Eborall said...

lej619 - the pattern is out already. It's on my pattern site and is called the Fandango Coaster.

lej619 said...

That was a test! hehehe you passed! Thanks

muskaan said...

Jane, these look really good together !
If you intend using a 3rd or more colour, how about Yellow - it syncs well with Both green & purple. And for a 4th colour, try a shade of Orange or some lighter shade of Blue. A repetitive Quartet ;-)

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