7 June 2010

Don't you just LOVE my bum?

That made you sit up and notice, eh?!?!??  You'll have to wait til the last picture, though!!!!

Right, since the arrival of Tatskool's gorgeous HDT last week I found I'd run out of Eze-bobs!!!  

Now spelling counts a LOT when finding these little gems which Rita Cochrane first introduced me to waaaaay back during my first (think it was the first) visit to Palmetto Tat Days or just after.  It's not easy to find them as they are spelt differently by people.  If you do a google search you'll find Ez bobs, Eze-bobs and Ez-bobs which doesn't make life very easy for an old git in the UK.  Not sure where to find them in the USA but I did find a fabulous supplier in Ireland (are you there, Tatskool?).  The company is here and they're called Arabesque Braids - look on the Knitting Nancy page - their delivery is FAST too.  Just a hint when ordering - the size 2 (my favourites) hold 50 yards of HDT easily.

So, when I'd wound just one of Tatskool's skeins onto an Eze-bob I realised I'd run out so back to the drawing board - aka Arabesque Braids for more.  I'd decided to try and tidy up my messy balls of thread which had already decided to unwind themselves in storage and put them on these wee gismos so I ordered 8.  

Well, since the arrival of Sue Anna's gift I've had to order MORE!!!!!  I just LOVE having packages arrive through the post!!!  Here's a few pictures of them.  

First picture is entitled 'now you see me'!!!
Second is 'now you don't' - bet you guessed that already!!!!!
The last one is 'bum's up'!!!  Actually to prove that I can be organised from time to time I've written on the bottom of each the name of the thread, size and (where I know it) origin.  Mind, I think those with no names are most likely Yarnplayers as I recognise them from her Etsy shop.


Maureen said...

That looks so enticing! I was thrilled, a while ago, to find Eze bobs close to home - mail order supplier, but she lives near me, so I was able to go and pick them up myself. The lady who sells them teaches kumihomo, and apparently they are well-used in that particular craft.

Gina said...

I think I sent you one of those in your package! Not the same name. They were actually a container for a company someone worked at and gave away at something I went to once. How's that for vague? Anyway, I don't use them myself. Very handy for keeping thread clean and organized though. I just happened to find them in something I was going through when I made up the packages.

Tatfully Yours said...

Looks a little to organized to me! Where is the fun of 20 questions about what thread is on the bobbin and what size....... But I do agree they are great little dudes. I got mine from Rita too.

Anonymous said...

I love my ez-bobs, but I've never used them for tatting, just kumihimo. I guess I'll have to order some more. I wonder if they sell them by the gross? ; )

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Handy little gadget. Wow, gorgeous HDT!! You are one lucky gal!!

Fox said...

I have to wonder.... How can I be entranced for so long looking at photos of THREAD! THREAD! I have to shake my head.... : )) Fox

IsDihara said...

Unlike Fox (which is unusual, since normally I mimic her like a Mynah bird, though not on purpose) I don't find it unusual at all to be entranced for long periods of time looking at photos of THREAD. THREAD! :))

You have a beauty of a HDT stash building. Let me know when you are ready for your Unrepentant Thread Junkie membership card, hee, hee.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks Isdihara - I think I'm WELL ready for my 'Unrepentant Thread Junkie membership card. Do I get a badge too?!?!!?

BSOTF said...

Those would be very nice to have for keeping thread nice & organized. I be sure to check out that site to learn more about them. Thankyou for all your patterns & advise on helpful things too. You are a pure blessing to many besides just me. Thankyou very much for all you do.

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