26 July 2010

Wonder how many of you guessed?

I wonder how many readers guessed what would appear next after Saturday's post?  

Well if you guessed that it was a bracelet to match the earrings, then you were right.  If you didn't guess then I guess you were lazy like I would be!!!!

I'm not sure if this idea (adding beads over a button) has been used before but it's hardly worth explaining as it's SO EASY.  

All you do is pull the thread up through the button's hole and add the beads to the picot/thread.  Actually I 'double anchored' it to the edge of the button before carrying on - just to be sure.  Like I did in the original pattern here.  

A tad fiddly to get the thread to snug against the side of the button - but well worth the bovver!!!!!  Actually I prefer this to the original flower for jewellery.  I'm an odd old duck!!!!


Sally Kerson said...

You are right it looks really good with the beads over the buttons, you will have to SHOW me how you did that. Hint, hint!!!

Typstatting said...

Your Bracelett is so pretty I just love it!!!

Bonnie said...

Another beautiful Jane original. I think tatting and beads go together perfectly and once again you proved I was right.

Gina said...

I've never been all that crazy about using flat buttons in tatting unless they are a focal point (a shank button) and with the beads added on this way, I do like it. Now...if there was just a way to get a bigger bead in the center of those little lines of beads on the button....but that's another day's challenge! I guess I just see the button as a platform for beads. Lovely addition to the earrings!

Martha said...

What a great idea!

God's Kid said...

It looks very nice! :)

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