28 July 2010

Hmmmm, I've obviously 'lost the plot'

I've had a few distractions and a holiday recently and I have just remembered promising that I would add the Joseph motif (which I blogged about while I was away) to my web site.

At some point I did add it but totally forgot to tell tat land!!!!

Now onto another subject!!!  I've got my sewing machine out again and would like any suggestions you may have for what to make!!!  I'm SO tired lately that I haven't got a clue what to make but I'm dying to get started!!!!

Don't forget to check my Etsy store today for the shuttles and more bags!!!


Anonymous said...

What about a purse?

geraldine said...

what time you putting shuttles on etsy? i want one.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Geraldine, I put them on this morning at 8.45 and they flew out. I mailed them all this afternoon. Hopefully it won't be too long before the next batch and next time I'll put them on later in our day so that everybody gets a fair chance. So difficult to know what to do for the best.

TAT19540 said...

You need to take care of yourself girl! Your triangle bags are cute. Anything you do is great. Just remember to take some time for you.

connie said...

OH OH I meant to wake up and get a shuttle and brain cell #1 got distracted (unlike some of us I only have the 1) and forgot. Must have seen something shiny.LOL
Next time I'm setting an alarm.
Hooray for you and Sally and Im in the garage,the shuttles are a smashing sucess.

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