31 July 2010

I'm back with energy!!!

I've energy, sewing machine and fabric to make bags!!!!

Below are two selections of the fabrics I have!

What I REALLY need to do is make up my mind (send for brain cell # 3) which design to make.  There are the roly poly ones, the dolly bag type (with internal pockets) or the latest ones which you can see below.  I'm not sure quite what to call these!!  Probably the 'flat bottomed tat bag'?  Any suggestions (as long as they're not rude!) would be welcome.  I'm pleased with this little bag as it's cute and 'sensible'.  Doesn't tip over!!!!  Here's the one I've got in my store already.  It's the first ever for sale!!!

Oh, nearly, nearly forgot to add that there's a lovely 'set' with tiny chicks on which is new in the shop - roly poly and poke proof.

Whoooooops, woke up to find that the above roly poly has sold so here's a link to the poke proof pouch so you can see the pretty fabric.  I've enough to make one more so will get to that over the next few days!


Typstatting said...

Why not make both of them love the fabrics that you have picked out!!!!!!!!!

Sally Kerson said...

Ah the bag lady strikes again!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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