30 July 2010

Continuing on from yesterday!

There were many interesting comments after my 'musings' over split rings yesterday.

It appears that some people have this 'problem' and others don't!!!  I'm not sure of the 'why's and wherefores' of this but assume it's a 'fact of life' that some people 'do' and others 'don't'!!!!  It must be in the tension!!!

I honestly don't want a solution to the problem as I 'use' the curve I get to great advantage in my patterns!!!!!  Usually there's another element which attaches to the split rings and which either 'straightens them out' or utilises the 'curve'. 

The only thing I can say about split rings is - long may they live and breathe!!!!

Yesterday I actually managed to 'fiddle around with' my Etsy shop.  I listed some more bags (one new 'set' with chicks on which I love) and other stuff but then panicked as they didn't 'show up' in the shop!!!  I DO hope I haven't listed stuff I haven't made!!!!!  I'll check it all out later today - after shopping!!

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Margarets designer cards said...

I agree with you Margaret

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Happy Beaks
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