1 September 2008

Yesterday I did ............

Well first of all I worked on the Spanish lady drawings.  It's amazing how much you can achieve when you get to this stage and how the text helps the drawings and vice versa!!!!  I've uploaded the web page that I also started so now I can tat what I've done from that.  Always a good sign if you can understand yourself, I find!!!  Mind, I don't make a lot of sense sometimes!!!

One thing that will be new in this pattern is how I've made the head for the lady.  This is a ring on a split ring but the ring is a different colour.  I've put the drawings below as a 'taster' but they may not make 'sense' without the text to go with them!!!! You'll have to wait for tat!!!!!

In the evening I sat and did a re-tat.  DUH, don't like the skirt anymore so will have to re-re-re-tat tonight!!!!  I doubt anybody will notice the difference but I'm not happy with the centre of it.

I also managed to cut out and start to sew some more bags in the afternoon.  SO good to get the sewing machine out again.  Loved having the boys but also good to get back to normal.



Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Are you really the Energizer Bunny? You keep going, and going, and going...

Oh my gosh! I just realized... you've used 3 shuttles! I have a hard enough time keeping 2 shuttles where they belong!

Ridgewoman said...

Hey Mate! Thought those grand boys wore you out!
Caught yer second wind, did 'ya?
I'd be intimidated by the third shuttle if I hadn't done the pearl tatting earlier. It really isn't so bad once one gets use to the 'idea'. I can't wait to see all of this effort when it has reached a point that is satisfying to you ~ the designer.
This is a great technique, ring off split ring in a different color. Way to go Jane!
X Bev

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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