6 September 2008

Not a lot to say!!!

This is silly.  I've not got a lot to tell today!!!  I've done a lot but nothing new or earth shattering to show.  
Yesterday I made some more roly poly bags and pouches.  Not the ones below but others which need finishing and photographing.  What else does an old git do when it rains constantly?
In the tatting part of my life I finished the basic 3D flower but it needs 'mounting/hanging' and  there lies a problem.  I've tried a couple of ideas but I'm not happy yet.  It also needs more beads.  I'm also still working on a birthday card.  No, tat's a lie.  I did nothing towards it yesterday cause I forgot!  I did some more to the baby booties in the evening and that's all!!!!

These are the bags I finished the week before my grandkids arrived.  They're not on Etsy yet and I'll probably not list them for a while until I've built up stocks.  Unless, of course, somebody wants them before then!!!!!

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Ridgewoman said...

Hi! I have given you the I love your Blog award. Go to my blog and see how to join in the fun. My award came from YarnPlayer. This is for fun, and I know you like fun. BTW love the little shuttle pocket with blue, lavender flowers.
If it's any consolation, it began raining here (buckets) again today!
But I made it out of the house anyway. Woo Hoo!
XX Bev

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Happy Beaks
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