6 August 2014

First new member!!!

Look what arrived yesterday - a bauble bee!!! This was done by Martha Ess from the book by Randy and Gary. Isn't it cute?  Now I'm going to have to do one of those too.  This is what Martha said.

"Here is my bee to qualify for an associate membership in your exclusive club. The poor thing has been languishing lacking one pair of legs for ever so long, but this gave me the incentive to finish. I want to do the mouse, but who knows when I will get to it."

Thanks, Martha. I'm just going to add your bee to the page right now.


Pigmini said...

He's Gorgeous Martha!! Well Done on being First!! Can't wait till I can get hold of the book!!

IsDihara said...

Well done indeed!

Tally Tatty said...

Great! My copy arrived yesterday. I think I'll have to pass. It looks very complicated. By the way: your photo's of mice and possum are way better than theirs!

Crazy Mom! said...

Buzz buzz - so cute!

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Happy Beaks
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