9 August 2014

Another member has joined the club!

I'm so surprised and very, very pleased that my 'tongue in cheek' silliness has paid off and that new people are joining the Exclusive Tatting Club which can be found here.

The newest associate member is Melanie who sent in her bumble bee from the Houtz brother's book which you can find here.  Thanks, Melanie - he (or is it she?) is great.  I must have a go at this critter sometime - once I can find the right wire.

Somebody I was talking to a few days ago commented on the price of the book which they thought was a lot. 

I did explain that the techniques in the book are very unusual (unique, actually) and that it had taken the guys ten years to get the idea to print. The price doesn't actually reflect the amount of work that's gone into it or the cost of the yards and yards of thread they must've used refining the patterns too.


Tally Tatty said...

This is cute, it looks very natural and i like th shadow!

Martha said...

Also point out, the book is 60 pages, and if you order it directly from Gary and Randy, shipping to the US is included, making it a very reasonable price.

picotsnkeys said...

Thanks for including my little bug. I think it's a female as she is not afraid to try new things. However, we all know bees leave the work to the males while the females rule the roost. MMMM In charge huh? I like that thought....(grin)
Safe journey and fun at Tat Days!

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