8 September 2009

What a pain in the proverbial!

That'll teach me to try to be organised!!!
On Sunday we went on a trip where I knew (been before) that I'd be in that wonderful situation where I would be able to 'people watch'!!!  What better when following this other hobby of mine than to take some 'autopilot' tatting with me!!!  Great idea. 
So, there I was at camp sitting on the deck doing just that - watching the world go by and tatting.  As I said in my previous post I'd started packing bags and tatting stuff ready for Palmetto and only had with me my roly poly bag with the 'essential' on the go tatting in it.  BUT what I'd left behind were the balls of thread!!  So when I ran out on one shuttle I had to stop!!!  Actually it wasn't too bad as the carnival started shortly after so we wandered over to take part and watch that!!!


Gina said...

I hate it when that happens. I try to take as little with me as possible, especially when I know my time someplace is short....seems to happen every time!

gina Butler in OKC said...

On a very nerve wracking trip in cross town traffic with my bumper riding hubby...I actually tatted a strand of my hair into a ring. Sometimes it's best to keep my head down, ha!

Maureen said...

Camping?? You're CAMPING on your way to Palmettos?
Running out of thread rarely happens to me when I am on a shortish trip - I tat far too slowly for that!

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