12 September 2009

A quick report from Palmetto Tat Days

I know this blog is all about tatting but on this rare occassion I'm going to break that rule and mention something that isn't tatting related!! Well, not really.

Here in South Carolina at Palmetto Tat Days (and after a busy day yesterday) I was wandering to bed and noticed a game going on in a corridor. I wanted to watch but soon got 'pulled into' the game. The game is called Corn Hole.
OK, this is a game where you stand and throw a wee bag of corn into a hole. We used to have similar bags for kids to play with called 'bean bags' in the UK.
Now this is not easy (throwing a bag from a distance into a hole which I'm convinced keeps moving) but it looked like fun!!! Karey Solomon was 'having a go' so I thought why not this OG!!!
Guess what? I won. I was dropped dead chuffed and afterwards went tottering off to bed.
Imagine my amazement the next morning when I was told that Jerry Freck (who was also playing) was a total and utter expert at this game. I've been tatting on cloud nine all day in the happy knowledge that I 'beat' Jerry Freck.
This afternoon we held three more 're-plays' and I can assure you he is drop dead good at this game and that it was pure winner's luck last night!!!!!


Sally Kerson said...

Well there is another thing that you are good at, isn't life amazing!!!

Gina said...

Good for you! My kids play it at family get-togethers but I've never tried it myself. Reminds me of a soft game of horseshoes! LOL!

Riet said...

This is Pam, Jerry's good wife using Riet's computer to spy on what is being said. I can say that if you Jane beat him Jerry, you are doing good, so Yeah Jane! You are a good sport! By the way, there is a new tatting term that just evolved in Vicki Clarke's class. vsp no longer stands for very small picot it stands for "very southern picots".

gina Butler said...

Jerry is too much the gentleman to "let" you win. Good show! Jane! gina Butler in OKC

Suzanne said...

It really is amazing how endlessly amusing these simple little games are. Just last week, I was reminiscing with some old friends who used to own a pet shop. While poor Teresa slogged back and forth with large, heavy buckets; industriously engaged in the endless cleaning of fish tanks; Dennis and I would play a game of our own invention that involved a small rubber cat toy. From one end of the shop, the ball was to bounce only once before landing in a little tin about 8" in diameter at the opposite end of the room. 'twasn't easy.

Ladytats said...

sounds like something I would like to do with the grand kids, any one with directions?

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