24 October 2016

Talks and tatting

On Friday evening I gave a talk on 'The Life and Adventures of the Anguis Fragili" to the local group of Spinners and Weavers

No, I'm teasing - it was on tatting, of course.  It seemed to go well in that I didn't have to poke anybody in the audience to keep them awake and a lot of them were smiling too. 

The consequences of the talk made for an extremely untidy lot of tatting. I must admit that when I've finished a piece of tatting I fling it in a box which lives in the cupboard. Consequently when it came to preparing for the talk I had to take EVERYTHING out of the boxes to decide what to take. Then when I got home I decided I really HAD to take myself in hand and put everything away in a tidy manner. That took ALL of Saturday and Sunday mornings. Must say I do feel better for having done it. I now need to make sure that when I've completed a piece in future I make myself put it away properly. This tidying up has only been waiting for half a century (or more) to be done!!!

Before I left for my American adventure I started another Fandango square. 

By the time I got back (or was it shortly after?!?) it was in this 'state'. I'm hoping to carry on with it but have lately got diverted by something else!!!


Jane McLellan said...

I'm glad (but not surprised) that the talk went well. Tidying of any sort is tedious, but good to have done!

Riet said...

Jane it is always good to have a good goal, what should live be without a goal? Dream on you never know what can happen after almost fifty years.
Problem when your dream comes out you have to find a new one love you

Tim Kaylor said...

Jane, love the square. If I had time I would try it. I do what you do. Put everything into a box until I need it.

Jane Eborall said...

It's a BAD habit, Tim. Putting things in boxes!!! I've been doing it for 60 years and regret I ever started doing it that way!!

God's Kid said...

Great square!! :)

Pigmini said...

So... the talk was interesting eh??? Pleased it went well!! The square looks interesting, but I'm far more interested in what's getting in the way... what can it be that's distracting you from tatting??? VBG Not a TIAS by any chance? Rofl

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

I'm sure your presentation was great. Glad to hear you are distracted again. That usually means another wonderful idea is taking shape. I've got a couple of boxes I toss the tatting in that isn't going to be used in my home. I go to it to select gifts as occasions arise so it gets sorted now and then.

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