5 September 2012

Another round finished

Here it is again.  Is it finished or is it finished?  Not sure yet!!!

Keeeeeep reading!!!!


Miranda said...

I like this very much. A few strategically skipped spots, and suddenly you have a much more interesting shape, and any number of directions you could go if you're not stopping here.

As always when you make these big pieces, you have chosen a lovely, vibrant array of colors!

Mariya Davydova said...

I do like the color variations in this work! It looks so pretty and cheerfully!

Jeanie said...

Beautiful ! Love the stained glass look :)

God's Kid said...

That is so outstanding!!! I really love all the colors like stained glass windows!!! :)

Fox said...

Zowie, Jane!

That is so cool! It is really eye-catching and a great example of what one can create with with a bit of coloured thread, some creative thinking and a couple ofshuttles! Of course, SOME skills would be part of the mix! Wonderful.
Fox : )

Anonymous said...

You know, when I look at this I see a lot of circles - even though I've watched the progression (I have an RSS feed of your blog) and I know the outside edge isn't like that! And it also kind of looks like a big snowflake made from many little snowflakes. It's really cool that there can be so many different effects just from one design. What is it going to be?

Alexandrite Woman said...

Oh, that is so beautiful. A work of art that should be hung! Love the colors and stained glass affect.

Jane Eborall said...

Meg, I've no idea! I'm just enjoying making it!

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