4 September 2012

A name

Yet more and the mat is looking pretty good.  The motif has now got a name.  Yes, this is the OG speaking and you did read right.  A NAME.  I'm hopeless at naming things but this has a name - it's the 'Walled Garden Motif'.  Why?  Well on one of the very few summery days we've had this year I sat in the garden working on it and realised that the motif has a 'wall' round it like most of our garden!!!!

It's on it's way to Tat Days at this very moment!!!!!  Least that is if I've remembered to pack it!!!  

You're now reading scheduled posts as Sally and I are now with with Crazy Mom Tats in Atlanta before heading down (or up) to Tat Days.


Cornelia said...

Das Deckchen wird wunderschön!
Liebe Grüße Cornelia

God's Kid said...

So very beautiful!! :)

Jane S. said...

Perfect name for it! It looks very much like a wall around a beautiful floral garden

Hope you are having a wonderful time at Tat Days! :)

mamatejedora said...

Es muy bello su trabajo!!!!!
Buen viaje a Palmetto, espero lo pase muy, muy bien junto a todas las chicas.

** jess! ** said...

What a beautiful display of some gorgeous thread! :o)

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