12 February 2010

Replacement earrings!

Ta de Dah!!!  They're done - the replacement earwigs!!!!

Now I know why the originals were my favourites - they take SO much time to make!!  They're very fiddly but I think well worth the effort.  I have another 'variation' on these which I may make in a few days and with different colours.  

The thread I used is Dual Duty plus - Bouton Artisanat.

I did add some more dangly beads to these 'just because'.  Oh, and you can see I didn't try to replicate the original one either!!!!!!


♥ Heather ♥ said...

Beautiful as always Jane!! I am very glad you didnt decide to cut off your ear LOL

Fox said...

Well, they are lovely!

I am relieved ... I have been reading 'The Daily Mirror' every day, now, scouring its pages for any kind of Van Gogh story linked to Tat-land.

Glad the situation is under control at last!
Fox : )

❦TattingChic said...

Oh, you did it! Thank heavens you didn't earn yourself the heavy nick name of "Tat Gogh"! Tat would've been tragic! ;)

Gina said...

Yep, another ONE OF A KIND! Pretty!

Val said...

pretty pretty pretty! now jane, u know why none of us recommend that u cut of one ear. :D

TAT19540 said...

Peachy keen replacement earrings!

Bonnie said...

Auh yes, I like the additonal flair you added to these new ones. Very nice, Jane.

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