8 February 2010

Is my name Van Gogh?

I ask this because I have a problem.  
Houston, listen to me - I have a problem!!!!

On Saturday I lost one of  my favourite of all time earrings while I was out shopping.  
Now, do I 
(a) cut off the one ear and if so, which one 
(b) do I make another one exactly the same to match the remaining one 
(c) do I make a new pair which will be similar - but not the same.
All these decisions to make!!  Not fair to put all these problems in the path of an old git!!!!


Lien said...

Hi Jane, thanks for stopping by at my blog. Really excited to see all the things you are doing with tatting. I'm still a real beginner. Will take inspiration from your work! Lien

Bonnie said...

Dear Friend Jane, I am sorry you lost one of your favorite of all time earrings. I hope the person who finds it does something fun with it. I do not however believe option a is a good choice for you. However the remaining 2, well that's where the real delima comes in. B will take less time then c, but won't be as much fun as c. So the answer is c. Go for c. C is definately the way to go, much more fun.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

No to cutting off your ear... yes to making another matching one... and why not to making another pair!

Vanessa. said...

You forgot plan d (belly button ring). However, I think that I'd go with plan b and make another one to match.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Plan A is much too messy.

If you go with plan C, you can make the single earring into a pendant and have a jewelry set.

There is yet another option - a single nose dangle.

sewmuchfun4 said...

No, your name is JANE! Repeat after me... JANE EBORALL!!! You are a TATTER, not mad as a hatter. So I'm thinking (b) and (c).
:) Ann

deanna7trees said...

I'd transpose the remaining earring into a brooch or a neckpiece. The possibilities are endless.....Let us know what you decide.

Fox said...

Cutting off your ear will solve the numbers problem, , but you will have to wear the remaining dangle in a very dull and padded place...

Undoubtedly, thsi dilemma will be solved creatively with your own quirky style! Let us know.
Fox : )

Kathy Niklewicz said...

You have a way of taking a sad story and making it funny, and I AM chuckling over your 'options' and all the comments - although the pendant/broach idea is good!

I've often worried how easy it is for jump rings to open up, or for the 'connecting' hooks of the earrings to open, even if pinched tight. I don't know how, short of soldering, to prevent that. I don't have pierced ears, but have the same problem with the 'connecting' hooks on clip earrings.

I've found oval jump rings to be less prone to 'opening up', but finding them in craft stores is difficult. .

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, folks - I've postponed the ear operation for a while!! Wonderful suggestions!!!
Kathy (et al) I never use jump rings. I use the very small rings that are called split rings and are like key rings. The problem in this case is probably that I didn't put a 'blob' of glue to hold it too. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!!

Sally Kerson said...

No its Jane Eborall silly!! Unless you have had too much to drink and then you could be anybody!
Ah keep the ear you were never good at painting.

TypsTatting said...

No to the ear and yes to making another one to match!!!! Couldn't see you with one ear!!!! LOL

M said...

This is why earrings should come in threes, so when you lose one you still have a pair. It's the same as gloves. If I find gloves I like a lot I buy two pairs just in case.

I would go with the suggestion of using it as a pendant and make a co-ordinating set of earrings so if they're not exactly the same it won't matter.

Lelia said...

Aww ... sorry to read your earring went missing. Perhaps it is in lost-n-found at the store? I say make a new pair ... they are fantastic : )

Val said...

Jane, if you cut off one ear, the other ear will miss it. And your pretty face will look lopsided. So NO. I like all the other suggestions and who knows, you might come up with another unexpected solution. Surprise us (with something pleasant)!

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