9 February 2010

Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles

The new shuttles arrived at 'chez Jane's' yesterday so after a quick lunch I spent a long time in the afternoon listing them.  Very lucky to get them listed as I could happily have kept 'the lot'!!!   

They really look superb. 

This post (the above part) was going out to announce the fact that the six shuttles were in the shop - BUT by the time this morning came they'd all gone.  If you want to see them but missed out then please take a peek in the 'sold' section of the shop.

Neither Sally or her DH ('im locked in the garage) seriously expected this fast response so now I'm going to say that if you want one of the next batch then let me know and I'll keep a list.  You'll need Paypal but I think this way it'll be a faster service for those who 'missed out' last time.  When the next ones arrive I'll email you and let you know and we'll 'go from there'.  I'm not sure what wood Nick ('im in the garage) will be using for the next lot but I do know he's ordered some more specialised woods so the prices may vary.

Thanks for all the hilarious suggestions on what to do about the earring problem - I'm still thinking about it!!!!


Val said...

WOW jane! those shuttles really sold FAST! i think many like me hadn't even the chance to go in to etsy to admire and they are now all gone. :( Pls put me on your waiting list.

btw what were u doing all the time locked up in the garage while your sister and BIL worked? lol

Maureen said...

When I woke up in Queensland this morning, the shuttles weren't there yet. About one and a half hours later, when I was having a cup of coffee, I decided to look again, and there were only TWO left!!
I was so lucky to have been able to buy one, and when I returned to the shop a minute or so later, to admire my purchase in the Sold section, the last one had gone!
'Im in the garage will have to go into full-time production!

Jeff Hamilton said...

I'm not surprised that they sold so fast. They are very beautiful shuttles. Please put me on your waiting list as well.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Val you're on the list. Jeff, could you send me your email address (to lovetotat@gmail.com) so that when the new batch arrive I can let you know straight away. Thanks.

Marty said...

I can see why the all sold out. Please put me on your waiting list -- this looks like just what I want, and need, and covet, and...and...and everything!
marty1066 at yahoo dot com

Isdihara said...

Jane, may I please be added to your list? I have sent me email addy to you.

I'm so excited about these shuttles!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Jane, please add me to the list... my collection will be incomplete without one! Well, I'm actually missing lots of shuttles from my collection, but this one would sure be fun to have!

Sally Kerson said...

Him in the garage is a little "gob smacked" at the response and promises to fulfill all your orders in due course. Thank you for such a wonderful response.

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