21 May 2010


DANGER - woman at work!!!!
This is my sewing area - but strictly in the warmer weather.

As you know - I'm an 'old bag'.  I love making bags.  Not only the ones in my Etsy shop but also handbags.  I DO try to buy ready made bags but REFUSE to pay a fortune for them as I 'fall out' with them after a short while.  Then there's the problem of choosing a bag. Too much and not enough choice!!!

So, I usually end up making one for myself.

What pattern do I use?  Well again there's a problem.  I spend ages searching and searching the internet but can never find the 'right one' and even if I could I can never understand the directions on 'how to' make them.  

In the end I just 'start'!!!!  You can see the newspaper that I cut up to make the 'on the hoof' pattern and the denim that this bag is made of.  The rest will follow as I've been making it now for a week or so.  Many interruptions have caused it to be 'slow work'.  


TypsTatting said...

So where do you go in the cold weather!!!!! Or shouldn't I ask, then again maybe I might like to know!!!

Fox said...

Not that I want to needle you, but I cannot look at that photo for too long. Sewing machines cause me to break out in hives... result of a childhood around them, I think!
Fox the Un-tailored : )

Miranda said...

What a beautiful workspace! Do you tat there as well? And I'm assuming that there will also be tatting on the bag?

P.S.- My verification word is "blobl". I think I've finally found the word to describe the first ring I ever made!

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, no, Miranda - I don't tat there. Straightbacked chairs are toooo uncomfortable!!! Wait until tomorrow to see more 'baggie' things!!!!
Blobl, eh? Wish I could even remember my first tatted piece!!!! SO glad I'm not 13 again, though!!

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Happy Beaks
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