6 June 2023

A new Houtz book

Have you seen the new book by Gary and Randy Houtz?  If not I suggest you take a look at it.  It’s called Tatting Chain Around.

Sue told me one day that she was ordering a copy from America and asked if I wanted to order with her to save on postage.  I’m not sure if the book is available yet in the UK - worth a check, though.  Anyway, I digress.  

The book is full of fun things and it’s interesting to see how those ‘crafty guys’ have managed to make decent sized motifs without ever starting and stopping.  The motif below (which is on page 30) is a classic example.  

I’m now working on the motif on page 36 so you’ll HAVE to buy the book to see what that’s going to look like!!!


Maureen said...

I have the book! Iwill go and find your motif.
Mind you I remain a little traumatised by their bobbles and baubles book- I have failed and failed at tatting that mouse! Even after a class at Qld Tatter’s I still failed.

Yorkie Sue's Tatting said...

Well I had to order for myself :-)
And I need to keep you out of further mischief <3

God's Kid said...

Great!! :)

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Happy Beaks
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