8 June 2023

The jacket progression - or not!

Well the fabric is made but unfortunately all is not going well at the moment!!!

I think it will take a little sorting out but I need a space of time to make that happen.  

I had planned to ‘fit’ the fabric over the fleece and make slits in the fabric to give access to the ‘already there’ pockets in the fleece.  However when I got to that point I thought it would be somewhat foolhardy.   The placket around the fleece zip was rather thick and to get the new placket on the fabric to fit EXACTLY over the right place was a risk too far. 

So I’ve made patch pockets instead!!  Now I haven’t just made them out of just ‘patchwork pieces’, I’ve added in some fleece lining to give them a more ‘padded’ look/feel and then added plain lining to hide it.  

Another ‘problem’ is that I’m not happy with the sleeves as they’re too bulky under the armpit.  Back to the unpicker gadget and another ‘date’ with BC3!!!!  When the sleeves are sorted and the pockets are placed in the right place it ‘should’ be quite straightforward - I hope!!!


Jane McLellan said...

You've made very good progress! Looks fantastic. With a 'seat of your pants' project, there are bound to be technicalities that crop up. I'm sure BC3 will come up with a solution for the underarm, as happened with the pockets.

God's Kid said...

Nice! :)

GoldenMom said...

I like the appearance, and you did a good job of fixing the pocket dilemma. One ALWAYS needs pockets! I'm sure BC3 will come up with a solution for the underarm bulk. ;-)

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