27 June 2014


A decision has been made!!! A decision on when the shuttles will go 'live' in my Etsy shop here tomorrow.

I will let them 'go' at 14.00 BST. That will keep me out of mischief for a few hours.

Please if possible - could you try to stick to one order and not multiples? 

I find that BC3 complains bitterly over having to work out what Paypal refunds to do!!!! In fact he threatened to stop doing refunds the other day but I persuaded him to think long and hard over that!!!

Just for eye candy - a few more shuttles!!!!


  1. Great time for all Aussies, for both east and west coast. Thank you Jane

  2. What is BST time? Sorry I don't know all the time zones there are.

    1. BST is British Summer Time.

  3. I hope I can remember to come back tomorrow!!! hahaha


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Happy Beaks
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