10 May 2009

Day 3 of Tease a Tat

This is day 3. Things will get a bit more interesting tomorrow.

This remark from Eileen really tickled me. She said -
I knew right away what it is. It's a caterpillar with sunburn, saw one in my garden yesterday. You know what they say........"ask a silly question" etc."

Do please remember I have a perverted sense of humour so things might not always seem the 'right way up'!!!!!!


  1. OK I have no idea. I wasn't good at puzzels either, but that doesn't mean I don't want play the game! After all I DO love a good game!

  2. OK, I am terrible at puzzles. Bekah and DH are great..not me!
    Could this be a critter that swings from trees?
    Do we get 20 questions? Animal? Vegetable? Mineral?
    Yours for continued perversity (my own word)
    and marching to our own drums...
    X Bev

  3. Anonymous2:05 pm

    It must be an adorable girl-baby dragon......


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