13 May 2009

Day 6

I'm getting worried. Very, very worried. Seems to me that people think I'm a 'dirty old woman'!!!!

This is a remark that came in from Snowy:-

"Now with this new element I am alternating between pink elephant or naked man....scary thought! LOL "

Ginny's remark is fine - nothing to worry about there!!!:-

"Is it a Owl?"

Marty said:-

"Nah - it's a soccer player -- that's a leg! "

Jon said this:-

"I can see that it may be a pink elephant, but I don't know which part Snowy sees the naked man, ;-/, lol. "

Personally I think you're all mad, mad, mad!!! Then again it takes a mad woman to see/know a mad one!!!! Here's today's piece!!!


  1. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Looks like a chicken laying a bunch of eggs.LOL

  2. well....that could be a hand...if the picots had been in diffrent lengths....or it is antennae for a naked...Snail...Yup definatly going with Snail.

  3. Ha ha ha at Snowy's guess. I knew I wasn't the only with my mind in the gutter! ;D

  4. There ya go -- that's the soccer player's hand.

  5. Now Jane stop monkeying around and let everyone know what you have been up to!!!! little sis

  6. How should should we wait until the picture's revealed? haaaa...I'm dying to see the whole picture...pleeease ^_^

    But I think it's not a man or a boy...the color is to girly LOL

    Is it a peacock?

  7. Gina D.6:26 am

    Goodmorning. I've been following your hints and my guess is that it is a pink dragon.


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