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14 May 2009

Day 7

I think you'll all 'get it' today but I'll wait and see!!!!

Carol Amich said yesterday:-

"I guess an octopus or squid!!"

Bev came up with this rhyme:-

Some see pink elephants,

some see a man,

some see what ever they can...

but I've stood on my head,

and spun around and all I got
was on the ground.

From down here, all I see..
isn't pink elephants;
but a pink monkey....

Elizabeth said:-

"Looks like a chicken laying a bunch of eggs.LOL"

Tia said:-

"well....that could be a hand...if the picots had been in diffrent lengths....or it is antennae for a naked...Snail...Yup definatly going with Snail."

Jenny Griffin thinks this:-

could it possibly be another ballerina?"


Valerie said...

me thinks it's something with tentacles... hmmm.

Tia said...

OOOOH A Jelly Fish?

Marty said...

Tentacles? How about a pink tree with waving branches? Nah, what ever it is it's not wearing nuthin'!

***Jon**** said...

The picture is showing the tail of a rattle snake. I can almost hear it rattling.

Ladytats said...

curious george the monkey???

Barbara Gordon said...

I never would have guessed! Cool.

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