12 May 2009

Day 5

Today we have another part of the finished 'thingy'!!!

Yesterday Bev suggested this:-

"Could this be a critter that swings from trees? Do we get 20 questions? Animal? Vegetable? Mineral?"

Now how she could get to that from what she saw yesterday is puzzling to me!!!!!

Thelma says

"Is it maybe a tatted cross???"

Christine has come up with a good answer:-

"It has to be a pink elephant."


Ginny W said...

Is it a Owl?

Ginny W

snowy said...

Now with this new element I am alternating between pink elephant or naked man....scary thought! LOL

***Jon**** said...

I can see that it may be a pink elephant, but I don't know which part Snowy sees the naked man, ;-/, lol.

Marty said...

Nah - it's a soccer player -- that's a leg!

battatter said...

I guess an octopus or squid!!

Ridgetatter said...

Some see pink elephants,
some see a man,
some see what ever they can...
but I've stood on my head,
and spun around
and all I got was on the ground.
From down here, all I see...isn't pink elephants;
but a pink monkey....

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.