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16 May 2009

Ta de dah!!! Here they are!!!

First of all the rest of the guesses.

Sunela said:-

"I think it is a KANGAROO!! May be the MOM who is expecting."

Marty came up with this idea:-

"It can't be a soccer guy -- they don't wear hats. It's Archy the Cockroach, yes?"

Mark (Tatman) said:-
"With a black top hat(it appears) it could be Abraham Lincoln. Didn't he have tentacles????!!!!!
I think all tatters should grow tentacles so that each pair of claws could hold a shuttle and tat. How else are we to get a lot of tatting done before we leave this earth??!!!! :-D "

So, those who were guessing 'naked' were right. Except for hair,/fur that is!!! May I introduce you to the Funky Monkey!!!!

I've also done a 'City Monkey' (notice the rolled up umbrella and bowler hat) and 'Lady Monkey' (hat and handbag).

I bet somebody can come up with other versions too!!!!

I hereby issue a challenge - 'dress a monkey'!!!! How's tat?

Now if you go
to my web site you'll find something intriguing on the index page!! Down next to the link to the monkey pattern. Any further guesses?!?!?


Maureen said...

I couldn't guess - no good at guessing games! But I wish I'd had this pattern five years ago when youngest son packed his bags to travel around Europe for a year; I tatted him a monkey to take with him, because, by spreading his wings, he was finally getting the monkey off his back. That was me, his mother, worrying about clean clothes and dentist's appointments - I made sure the monkey travelled with him, and it did come home safely, although rather battered!

Gina said...

"watch this space" are such a tease!

Anonymous said...

The Bee's Knees Tophatted Monkey....Just in time because I need a monkey for a friend of mine and the one in the Animal Zoo Bookmarks has too much cut and tie!!!! Thank you, thank you.....X Bev

Fox said...

So funny..... I never would have guessed!
Fox : ))

Marty said...

Don't monkeys play soccer and hobknob with Cockroaches? These are really cute little guys. I think an apron and a duster would be perfect -- on the guy monkey!

TattingChic said...

That is pretty funny! I enjoyed these posts even though I didn't guess. I didn't have any guesses, LOL! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for all the comments everybody.
Marty of course monkeys play all sorts of things and their best friends are always cockroaches!! Now, when you make a monkey you'll make one with an apron and duster, won't you? You're a designer so it'll be no problem!!!
Gina - you're saying I'm a tease? Whatever makes you think that?!?!?!?!

Carol Lawecki said...

Jane, this was so much fun!! I loved the mystery and the monkeys are great!! I love their hats! Now I'll go "Watch This Space" You didn't say for how long though. hehehe

THanks for the fun!!!!

battatter said...

I was just thinking it looked like a monkey, but the hat threw me off.. cheeky monkey!

Sally Kerson said...

Pleased you have stopped monkeying around and posted them!! Lots of hard work from you and lots of patience from all your followers.

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