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9 May 2009

Day 2 of Tease

OK, we have a clown in tat land!!! His name? Mark Myers!! This is what he says as a guess.

Um.....the goat I diagrammed for you???? strange color for a goat, anyway. But with you tatting it......WHO KNOWS!!! LOL!

He sent me a diagram of a goat two/three days ago with the challenge to make a pattern to fit it!!! I mean, dear Mark, you know what a busy person I am and how houseproud I am and how I'm always dusting and vacuuming. How did you expect me to get it done so quickly?

But then I do tell some terrible lies about my love of housework and I did have half an hour free the other day!!!!!!!!!!

Just in case this has not been noticed in the comments section I have put the link from Laurie here


Laurie in Maine said...

Will be fun to watch the ideas - mine still leaning to something May Day Basket-like.
I wanted to leave the link to a fabric postcard experiment using your giraffe - needle tatted version :)

Jane Eborall said...

I love your giraffe, Laurie. I'm going to add this to this post so others can see it too.

Tatman said...

interesting how that chain overlaps the ring. Intentional?? How about an angel ;)

lynne said...

A crinoline lady with tiered skirt, this is the bottom layer of the skirt and day 2 is the tier above it!!!! or shall I wait for the white coats!!!!!

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