8 May 2009

New game - Tease a Tat!!!!

Now this is how this one works!! IF anybody wants to have a go, that is!!!

I'm not asking you to do anything except guess what this pattern will finally be! I'll be posting little 'bits' of it either as scans of the finished item or as diagrams. If you're any good at jigsaw puzzles you should be able to copy and paste them together later to make up the item!!!

All you have to do is email me on love to tat @ gmail.com with your guesses.

I'll blog people's guesses and any drawings submitted too. Drawings can be a pencil drawing on the back of an envelope or - well, anything really.

Does this sound like fun or just downright stupid?!?!? As usual - answers on a postage stamp!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Sounds like fun, Jane! Though, I am terrible at puzzles. I usually need everything pretty straight forward. I'm game!

Needledreams said...

Oh! Another game!!! I like puzzles too, but I'm slow. lol Will save this bit.

Riet the B-engel from Holland said...

I think a little ghost mailed my comment into cyberspace, so here I am again I realy like puzzles, but most of the time I can't solve them.
I like it to do something usefull instead of chatting about things I am not intrested in and what doesnt make me feel happy. ;-))
I am a little bit yelous on you for that braincell of you Jane
Every time it comes with something new,
Riet the B-engel

Pat the Tat Rat said...

Ooh, I love puzzles. But at this point looks like kids around a May-pole.

Thanks for the fun.

Fox said...

Looks like a nice challenge!

Tatman said...

I am game for the challenge. And I will try to diagram it out too!!! I clicked on the "bonkers" reaction button because both you and I are bonkers for tatting! LOL!!! Men in white coats always haunt me ;)

Sally Kerson said...

Put them out of their misery Jane!
Or perhaps they are having fun trying to guess!

Tatskool said...

Sounds like fun especially as we dont have to do anything but guess!!

lynne said...

You have some great ideas for all in tatland, I shall be watching. Thank you

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