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4 May 2009

Next set of bags!

Well the next set of bags will be paisley. This is such a pretty print and I already have one order for a bag!!! I cut them out and got a good start yesterday so may well finish them today. Below is a picture of a completed butterfly bag too.

The £%&$*" pattern is progressing well. What a relief. The new way of working is going well.

I also managed to take the mower for a walk round the garden. It enjoyed the experience. Mind our garden is a postage stamp size compared to the yards you see in America. I'll take a photo sometime and show you.

It's a real English garden, I guess, with walls on two sides. It's a very easy garden to manage and most of the stuff seems to grow in spite of me!!!


TattingChic said...

Lovely paisely!I just saw one of your bags on "Steph's Tat Stuff". Looks like a nice product you've got there! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Actually the paisley looks even better now it's made up. It's a glowing colour - more yellow than in this scan. Sounds as if Steph is pleased with hers. Such a relief!!

Tatman said...

Kim would LOVE this fabric! She loves paisleys and loves that terra cotta color.

Tatman said...

BTW...this would go nice with my tatted paisley pattern that is available on the pattern list on my blog [GGGGG]

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