7 May 2009

New in my shop!

I was going to start showing you the new patterns today but unfortunately I'm not quite ready just yet. Tomorrow. I'm hoping it'll be tomorrow.

The sewing machine has gone on holiday! Well, not really but it's going to have a rest for a few days!

I managed to finish off and list some of the bags yesterday.

Houston, I have a problem. I like them all but particularly the pink one followed closely by the butterfly one. I DON'T need another tatting bag, do I? But this is SUCH a useful bag!!!

I'm just going to have to keep one but not one of these as they're now in the shop. I do have 'spares' of each at the moment so I've got time to choose.
Here are the new ones I've added.


  1. I am partial to the orangish paisley one ;) But a bag for yourself?? I think the pink one. I like that one too.


  2. Can't wait until tomorrow!!!! x little sis

  3. You pattern tease!

  4. Oh, I like the pink one and the paisley one. Yummy! :)

  5. I like the pink one too but I must say that you have done a fabulous job on them all. thanks for sharing
    Joy in OZ


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