19 November 2012

Another of the button brooches

I'm on a roll with these buttons.  Can't seem to leave them alone at the moment!!! I've now got this one on my winter coat.  Admittedly I've stiffened it a bit so it doesn't get 'squashed' when I throw it down in a heap or occasionally remember to hang it up.

Isn't that what floors were made for?  To hang things on?  Please tell me if I'm wrong!

Now keeping my fingers crossed that 'they' will pick up my iMac for repair today.  It looks so sad that empty place on my work top where it usually sits.  Fortunately we found we'd still got the box it came in over two years ago - up in the loft.  Made packing it up a lot easier.


Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely brooch, lovely colours.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

You are inspiring me to look through my stash more carefully! Yesterday afternoon I looked at buttons. Who knows, maybe matching buttons, beads, and thread will come next!

Nancy G said...

I love the colors and what a beautiful brooch!

God's Kid said...

That is gorgeous!!! :)

Fox said...

This is so funny - I was on another site just now and I saw the thumbnail for this post, the title of which I read as “The Mother of All Buttons!” Blame it on my brain cells!

Anyway, this is very eye-catching . Wonderful.
Fox : )

picotsnkeys said...

Love the bling effect of the beads!

Unknown said...

love it =)

Ladytats said...

another pretty one Jane.

** jess! ** said...

I so made one of these this weekend. :o) You are a genius!
And yes, floors are for hanging things on. I do it ALL the time!

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