20 November 2012

Blue is beautiful

Well I apologise but here's another of these buttons.  I'm now getting vibes from brain cell 3 who's pointed out to me that I DOOO have other things to do!!!

Well the imac went for it's new hard disc yesterday which has sadly forced me to tidy up the corner of the room where it normally lives.  WHAT a horrid task!  I'm not a house proud person - our house is a sort of a 'messy muddle' with a good layer of dust in some places which, when you think about it, serves as good insulation during these winter months.  Well, that's my excuse!!

I will be continuing with this clean up today too.  I've thrown away quite a bit of stuff but there's still more to tackle!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely brooch, and gorgeous colours

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I just knew you'd get around to a blue one! It's lovely! Hopefully they'll get your iMac sorted out soon. I hate to think of you doing too much cleaning... I might have to get rid of my layer of insulation also... terrifying thought!

picotsnkeys said...

I'm right with you on the house muddle. You have inspired me to play with another charm I picked up at the bead shop. It's a swirly shape.....I'm thinking peacock feather.......
But first, I must get the clothes folded and ironed before they pick up dust.

linb54 said...

very pretty! love the design and colour combinations you are using!

linb54 said...

very pretty! love the colour combinations you have used too!

God's Kid said...

Beautiful!!! :)

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