13 April 2010

Why I've not shown you

This is why I've not shown you anything new for a while.  I've been asked to do more strips of random tatting for Nicole - see this link.  

As you can see there were three strips needed of roughly 4 cms in width.  Each strip had to be 65 cms long.  Now in a number 80 tatting thread that's a lot of work!!!  

There are two things about random tatting which are worth noting.  Random IS random and it's hard not to repeat yourself.  Also the stricture of the width means that you have to constantly check which direction you need to be going!!!!  Nonetheless - it's fun!!!

These will go in the post today and wing their way to London.  That's the London here in the U.K!!!!!!!!

Now back to more 'normal' stuff and I will have something to show you soon.
2 close ups below


Cotton Yarn Manufacturer said...

Ladder yarn or train tracks yarn is a type of novelty yarn . It is constructed like ladders, with a horizontal stripe of materia

Fox said...


Must be like singing off key on purpose - not that easily done!
Fox : )

ps Thanks for the bead tip,,It works beautifully!

Fox : )

deanna7trees said...

Amazing. They look like words or sentences in a new language.

Michelle said...

I was going to say the same as deanna7trees, it looks like writing to me.

Rosa Goncalves said...

Olá , adoro o seu cantinho é lindo está muito acolhedor adorei fazer uma visita já sou sua seguidora, parabéns aos seus trabalhos, Beijsssss Rosa

Kathy Niklewicz said...

An amazing amount of tatting - and on size 80 thread!!! That would just be too daunting for me! It will be most amazing to see the creation this will go on. The other dress was gorgeous!

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Happy Beaks
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