14 April 2010

What I'm working on at the moment!!!

Well I HATED it and hardly ever wore it.  Not sure if it was the colour, the fabric or the design but I can tell you I was never ever comfortable in it.  So it's confined to the bin (trash) or the local charity shop.

Hang on, who shouted about the animals?

They're fine, promise.  I'm currently sewing them onto another DENIM (oooooh, I LOVE denim) light blouse weight jacket which I found in our local Debenham store on Saturday.

I've been searching for three years for another similar to the gecko jacket and have 'haunted' our local Edinburgh Woollen Mill shops from where the original came.

I'll try to get a photo of the finished item later.  Nick says there are too many animals on this one but I couldn't make up my mind which ones to put on and which to leave off AND there are a few newcomers since the last jacket was made!!!!  


Tatman said...

I know that you like denim and would be a shame to cover it up. BUT you could just keep plastering animal motifs over every inch of the denim jacket so it becomes a lace fabric. Then Nick couldn't say it has too many. It will become a lace jacket with denim lining! :-D
Well..he still could say it has too many, but who cares (snicker)

Sally Kerson said...

I think you will have to design an ark for all these animals to go in - forget the jacket!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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