17 April 2010

New earrings!

Do you remember this necklace?  Well I used up all the tiger eye beads that Ridgewoman sent me on this necklace but was very happy with the result.

Then she sent me another package - see here.  In amongst this surprise there were some more tiger eyes which I thought I'd use for a bracelet.  BUT earrings were tempting too.  I'm very parsimonious so after a good deal of thought I realised that I could 'have my cake and eat it' if I was careful.  SO, here are the earrings.  Not quite sure when the bracelet will get made as I'm in 'earring mode' at the moment!!!!  I'm using the new display thingy that I showed you yesterday but need to experiment with it further.  It's ideal for hanging them from too - if they need stiffening!!!

Very simple pattern which I'm sure that nobody would want written down.  Just two rings, really.   Honest.


Sally Kerson said...

Drop dead gorgeous Jane, love them especially as they are long and danglie!

Bonnie said...


julia said...

These are amazing. I wish I'd had you make me some jewelry to wear to my reunion tonight.

Carol Lawecki said...

They may be simple, but they are simply gorgeous!! I too like that they dangle!!

TAT19540 said...

Love earrings! You had beads on core thread and shuttle thread when you did these right? (to get the two beads together).
They are very nice and go perfect the necklace.

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