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12 April 2010

The cow again!!!!

I've had such fun reading all the comments on the cow and the suggestions for her name.  Thank you SO much for popping by.  Some of the remarks made the cow's milk curdle with giggling!!!

I rather liked deanna7trees suggestion of Jaisy as it's my cow (AND I'm a silly moooo too as Tatskool and Maureen both said) but then I also loved Daisy too.  

Anne hit the proverbial nail on the head when she said that she looked like a Jersey cow as it was a picture of a Jersey that I worked from - thanks, Anne.

The unusual name of Iphigenia suggested by timneh's offspring was a close call as it was so very different.  

In the end I've decided that she will remain 'nameless' as then anybody who has the courage to make her can call her what they like!!!  

If anybody's got the time do read through the comments on the previous post - they are SO funny. 


IsDihara said...

IPHEGENIA reminds me of that movie "Mrs. Doubtfire" -- hee, hee!

geraldine said...

enjoyed tatting maizey daisy my cow. getting better and better at split rings.

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