15 January 2015

Yet another

Tomorrow (Friday) will be day 4 of the TIAS

Now this is another of Yarnplayer's HDT threads in size 20. 

Oh, the outer is an old Flora, I think. I'm hopeless at writing down what I've used - I apologise.

Since I've 'cured' the silly middle of the coaster/doily I really love working this pattern.  


Maureen said...

The pattern does look lovely and solid now, I agree with you. This one is almost Easter-y!

God's Kid said...

Oh so very beautiful!!!!! :)

Pigmini said...

I now know you're doing it on purpose to give me more tatting to do!! Vbg

Kathy Niklewicz said...

The coaster and the doily are so attractive! It's still difficult keeping up with you, and nothing slows you down, including the theft(s) from the tooth fairy (ouch!) Just monitoring the TIAS would overwhelm me, let alone continuing to tat, and draw or re-draw patterns. Plus the wonderful update to your pattern pages! Amazing!

Just wanted to let you and other tatters know that Mad Tatter Alberta (Canada) has changed her blog name and url to the following: http://battytatter.blogspot.com/ I had been trying to 'find' her blog again, and I finally did this morning. When clicking on the 'old' name, it said 'blog has been removed', which I suspected was not the case. So I"m happy to report she simply has a new blog name/url!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Your motif is beautiful!!!!!

Kathy said...

Your design is lovely. I've made dozens to use as snowflakes for the Christmas tree. Always looking for more patterns!

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Happy Beaks
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