16 August 2014

A little girl's bracelet

Now this is not to my taste at all but I have an 'I love pink' granddaughter!!!! 

This is simply a chain of interwoven split rings with loom band cats attached. 

I found the cat accessories and decided they were 'just the thing'. When I got them home I realised they'd got jump rings which obviously are no use with tatting as the thread would slip through. Thus followed an hour and a half of sheer bloody mindedness with two pairs of pliers putting on split ring findings. What I hadn't taken into consideration was the thickness of the plastic the cat faces were made of. Finally I managed it and a little girl was very pleased with the result.


Maureen said...

It may not be to your taste, but there are a lot of little pink-loving people in this world! - your granddaughter will be thrilled with it.

Fox said...


Tally Tatty said...

I love your vivid imagination! Iwould wear this!

Fox said...

Me too, Tally! : ))

Batty Tatter said...

Very cute. It's too late to tell you this now, but I will anyway....a staple picker works well to separate split rings. Your are a good grandmother for all the effort you put into this. Lucky little girl.

God's Kid said...

So sweet!! :) Bet that brings a wonderful smile!!! :)

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