12 August 2014

Double and FULL member

That's what I'm calling Martha - a double and FULL member of the Exclusive Tatting Club!!!

Not only a bee but now a mouse!!!  I'll add this to the page at the top - just to make it 'official'.

I'd like to also add here a comment from Martha who points out that:-
"The book is 60 pages, and if you order it directly from Gary and Randy, shipping to the US is included, making it a very reasonable price."

I'm glad that Martha has pointed this out as some people have remarked on the price being high.  I'd like to point out again that it took them ten years to get the book written and it's full of inspiring things - not just bobbles and baubles either.  Here's the link again - just so you can check it out!!


LibraryLady said...

You've quite an austere club there, Jane! I must shop for the book.

linb54 said...

love his red eyes! also very nice bobbin shuttle! wonder where she purchased it?

briddie said...

Yes, it is a pricey book, until you look at the numbers. It's less than a dollar a pattern; I've never purchased a single pattern for less than $3. From that perspective, it's a bargain!

tatterdeb said...

And this book is in COLOR.

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