19 August 2014

Another new offering for the Exclusive club.

Jacee is back once more with another offering for the Exclusive club. I've a feeling that she's even more addicted to the Houtz book than I am.

Can you see the bauble/bobble head on her angel? Isn't it great? This is what she said:-

"Made this last night when I found something suitable for the halo above the angel's head - a gift wrapper wire in gold tone, twisted into a circle and secured on top of her head. The ends were too fiddly to finish off so I fizzed and tied them into plaits. As Faceless angel scares me to death, beads are added to make her eyes glint and her face warm with smile! Hmm...What do you think, does she look ok?"


God's Kid said...

Nice idea!! :)

lej619 said...

love it

Bernice said...

Back when I gave crochet angel ornaments as gifts the halo was solved with gold or silver pipe cleaners. A dab of glue at the back held them nicely on the head. Your idea of the gold gift wrap wire, genius.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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