21 June 2012

More on the shuttles

Now I expect most of you out there in Tat Land know about Handy Hands and their offer of 25 free balls of thread if a colour suggestion is chosen for the Lizbeth thread but what you may not know yet is Barb's latest offer which I for one am thinking HARD (ooooh, brain cell # 3 is HURTING big time) about too.

She's offering a full set of the Aerlit shuttles (see this post) for suggestions on what to call the colourways.  Below is her last message to me and pictures of the colours.

"I have attached the colors the color on the left is the shuttle color and color on the right is the bobbin color. We are looking for names for the combination so if someone comes up with a name they will win a full set of ALL the colors. There you can see we have some named mint chocolate."

I've added them all below including the already named set (mint chocolate is second one down) so that you can see the colours and a good idea of the sort of name that Barb's looking for.  

PLEASE don't try too hard cause I want to win a set!!!!!  Mind, I'll have to give brain cell # 3 a rest after this - he's working SO hard on it.  If you come up with a suggestion then please email Barb - her address is here.  

Here's another post about the Aerlit shuttles too.  I didn't know that Ambitatterous was testing too!!!

Seriously - good luck to all of you. 


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

What fun!

Sally Kerson said...

A very difficult exercise, but would love to win!

Ladytats said...

oooh fun, off to send my choice names.

Jane McLellan said...

I've sent my suggestions off, Jane, how keen is that?

Susie said...

Thanks for the update...I e-mailed my names this morning!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Wow! This news is coming faster than I can keep up with it! How unusual to have different bobbin colors, too! Anda contest to win all those shuttles! I can't believe others have already thought of names and sent them in! Thanks for passing all this info along.

I went to our local library to ask about tatting books, and the gal said they didn't have any and that tatting is not that popular. Of course I politely informed her of the explosion of it on the internet! I'm now searching online for books that other area libraries might have, and I've found only a few, which isn't surprising, but one is Mary Sue Kuhn's! I'll be literally 'checking it out'!

Anonymous said...

This is exciting! I wish I were better at thinking of colourway names. But, never mind, I'll be sure to buy some...

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