9 December 2008


I can't remember when I saw this blog page but it must have been a week or so ago. My brain (ALL of the cells) went into turmoil. Can you imagine the work that went into these?

Yesterday I didn't tat at all. No, I'm not ill. Well, not in the normal sense of the word. I'm just SO lacking in sleep. The hassles I've had the last five weeks are slowly being resolved but each day or two another new 'worry' becomes a 'hassle' that has to be dealt with. By the beginning of this week all should be resolved, I sincerely hope!!!

I then want to return to some patterns that I've been playing with to submit for the Palmetto tat days next year. Hopefully this 'silly season' I've been going through financially too will finish and I'll be able to save up to take the trip over the pond. Meanwhile once brain cell # 3 is fully rested I will continue with documenting and putting the page together for the dangly flower. I've nearly got the drawings done and the text is sound. Putting the page together doesn't take too long but there's always one thing I don't like doing - adding the abbreviations. Don't ask why - it's just one of those things I avoid every time!!!


Hillside Threads said...

Wow! thanks for posting the beading link. Lots of eye candy to keep me amused.

Jane Eborall said...

Hey, Jane, take a look at this link!!!

Hillside Threads said...

That is one darling little teapot. I have been looking at some of her links to other blogs too. There is some stunning beadwork! Great to browse, thanks for the link.

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Happy Beaks
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